Boschi milling industry since1881

In 1881 Clodomiro Boschi started a milling industry destined to become a hundred years old.
This industry began in Umbria, in the heart of Italy; a land full of colours and sweet green rolling hills that have many stories to tell.
And just a century later, Clodomiro Boschi's milling industry, sensitive to the new and evermore sophisticated needs of an ever-expanding market, has grown into a company specializing at a highly technological and quality level, by choosing the production of clean energy from renewable sources, that today permits us to guarantee our products.
In the past BOSCHI manufactured and sold flours and cereals. Today it produces breadcrumbs - semi-processed for breading.

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It is used in a variety of dishes, pasta dishes, soups, baked and fried meat or fish, baked and stuffed vegetables. The quality of our breadcrumbs makes even the simplest preparations more rich and tasty!





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